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MySQL – Remove all triggers by using the SQL queries

Sometimes you want to remove all existing triggers in your database so that you can create the new one. You can execute the following SQL query to generate all necessary SQL queries to remove the triggers in your database. SELECT Concat(‘DROP TRIGGER ‘, Trigger_Name, ‘;’) FROM information_schema.TRIGGERS WHERE TRIGGER_SCHEMA = ‘your_database_name’; After that, you can  Full Article…


Mysql – Grant a user permission to only show a view

Here are some SQL queries that you need to execute to grant the permission for existing user to a specific view. The first command: GRANT SELECT ON <database_name>.<view_name> TO <user>@<host>   The second command: GRANT SHOW VIEW ON <database_name>.<view_name> TO <user>@<host>


Mysql – Too many connections

If you see the error "… To many connections…" while you are accessing your website, you can do the following ways: 1. In your mysql my must to run this: Set Global max_connections=2000 I'm using phpMyAdmin and I executed   2. In your my.conf file (usually located in /etc) find the line that says: [mysqld] And somewhere  Full Article…


Create a Cron Job to start MySQL if it Stops

Sometimes server act weird and stop some services due to any issue. I faced this issue with my WordPress demo sites server, where MySQL service stops after running the clean script to remove demo demo sites after three days. So I created a Cron Job on my DigitalOcean Ubuntu Droplet to check if and start MySQL service if its  Full Article…


Magento – “Item (Mage_Catalog_Model_Product) with the same id ”xxx“ already exist”

I have been getting this error when trying to filter a products collection Item (Mage_Catalog_Model_Product) with the same id "7631" already exist and wanted to ask what could ne causing the error since there is only one (visible) product with the same ID inside of Magento. ———————————————————– Here is the solution i did to solve the  Full Article…


Magento – Change Product Type

Suppose you have created or Imported products into the Magento and now you want to change the products type like you have imported the products with the product type Downloadable and now you want this products from Downloadable to Simple then In the Magento admin there is no way to change the product type. If  Full Article…


How to fetch complete customer data in magento

I need to fetch whole customer data from mysql by query. I need to get data by entity_id. Please help   ——————————– Answer: Here is what you can do. Activate the sql query log. Edit /lib/Varien/Db/Adapter/Pdo/Mysql.php and set the values for $_debug and $_logAllQueriesto true. then create a custom script that just calls $customerId =  Full Article…