Centos – How to Install The Latest Apache Server

By default of Centos, you only can install Apache version 2.4.6, because Centos uses Security Backporting Practice to apply most recent fixes to older versions of a software package. As a result, it doesn’t mean that an older version provided by default repositories is vulnerable. But I need the latest version of Apache so that I can speed up my website.

There is a great custom repo created by these guys CodeIT It provides latest versions of web servers (Apache & Nginx).

Before setting up the CodeIT repository, you need to enable the EPEL. It satisfies some dependencies required by the CodeIT repo.

sudo yum install -y epel-release
cd /etc/yum.repos.d && wget https://repo.codeit.guru/codeit.el`rpm -q --qf "%{VERSION}" $(rpm -q --whatprovides redhat-release)`.repo

Then verify the Apache package version again, and you should see something like that.

yum info httpd

Now you should have everything set up to install the latest Apache package.

yum install httpd
systemctl start httpd

Finally, tell systemd to start the Apache service automatically at boot.

systemctl enable httpd

That’s all if you have any troubles, please feel free to leave comments below.

Hope it is useful to you 🙂


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