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Configuring Virtualmin for BCCing Email

Configuring Virtualmin for BCCing Email

Before you can enable BCCing for any domains, the following steps must be performed :

  1. Login to Virtualmin as root, and go to Webmin → Servers → Postfix Mail Server.
  2. Click on the BCC Mapping icon, and make sure the Sender BCC mapping lookup tables field is set. If it is not, you should enter a map specification like hash:/etc/postfix/bcc . Then click the Save and Apply button.
  3. Go to System Settings → Module Config, and change the Allow automatic BCCing of outgoing email? field toYes, then click Save. If Virtualmin prompts you to re-check the configuration, do so.

Enabling BCCing for a Domain

Once the system has been configured for BCC support, you can enable it for a domain as follows :

  1. Login to Virtualmin as root, select the domain from the left menu, then click on Email Settings under Server Settings.
  2. In the BCC outgoing email to field, select Additional email address and enter the address to which a copy of all email should be sent in to the adjacent text box.
  3. Click the Save button.

If you want to enable BCCing for all existing domains, the fastest way is to SSH into the system as root and run the command :


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