Formatting Text In Skype

Today I found out some features of the Skype chat that must have sneaked in in the last versions, since nobody has posted about it yet. I was having a hard time when pasting text into the chat which contained character that were easily misinterpreted as emoticons, e. g. (0) as well as using basic text formatting like bold, italic or strikethrough.

So here are my findings, I also posted on SuperUser:

Style Example
bold This is *bold* text
italic And this _italic_
strikethrough And ~strikethrough~
plain text inline And inline {code}no text formatting, no emoticons, monospaced{code}
plain text full And full message !! no text formatting, no emoticons, monospaced
no text formatting And @@ *no text formatting* but emoticons :D

Thanks to Shrek for the two options (@@, and {code}). That’s it again,


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