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Magento : Get Store Id, website Id, website info

After hours of searching on Google, i find out some ways to get Store and Website info 🙂 Get current store:       Mage::app()->getStore(); Get current store Id: Mage::app()->getStore()->getId(); Get current website Id: $storeId = Mage::app()->getStore()->getId(); Mage::getModel('core/store')->load( $storeId )->getWebsiteId(); Get store info by store code: $storeCode = "your_store_code";   Mage::getModel( "core/store" )->load( $storeCode ); Get website info by website code: $websiteCode = "your_website_code";   Mage::getModel( "core/website" )->load( $websiteCode ); Get all stores: Mage::app()->getStores(); Happy coding :)....


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